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Exposition du 19 avril au 24 mai 2018

Galerie Paul Amarica

21, rue Washington, 75008 Paris

Located in the heart of Paris, close to Arch de Triumph and a hundred meters from Champs Elysees, the Paul Amarica Gallery welcomes its visitors with artworks from famous artists and young talents.

Open by Paul Amarica in 1998, the gallery has been exhibiting ever since a large number of notable artists, painters, engravers, sculptors and photographers.

The gallery’s portfolio includes a selection of French and foreign artists. Due to his origins, Paul Amarica is presenting many artists from Eastern Europe and in particular from Romania.

Among the artists who exhibited in the gallery, can be mentioned: Felix Aftene, Andra Badulesco, Tudor Banus, Petru Bat, Daniel and Eugen Craciun, Marek Halter, Iuri Isar, Pavel Jarov , Petre Lucaci, Nicolae Maniu, Wanda Mihuleac, Alexander Mironov, Vladimir Nikolaevici, Christian Paraschiv, Stefan Pelmus, Adin Olteanu, Petre Velicu and Matei Visniec.

The gallery is also an exclusive agent for the distribution of artworks made by Marie-Françoise Lafond, Juliette Mills and Jenny de Vasson.

La Galerie présente


Principales expositions de Félix Aftene

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